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ウソつきスゴロク Liar Bridge

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その橋の名は「Liar Bridge」

























残りのコマが多い方の勝利 (残りのコマ = 7 ー ゴール数 ー 落ちた数)




Somewhere in this world, there was a bridge where only liars could cross.The name of the bridge is “Liar Bridge”
Is your luck good? !! The ultimate psychological warfare? !!Sugoroku for two-player battles!It’s not just sugoroku!Sugoroku with lies!
Only the player who is good at lying and deceives the opponent can cross the bridge!

■ Estimated

play time10 to 20 minutes each time


・ Use 6-sided dice (1,2,3,4, blank, blank) without 5 and 6.

・ It is 9 squares to the goal.・ You have 7 sesame seeds.
1. Roll the dice Press the button to roll the dice. The other party cannot see the result.Select the number to advance from

2, 1 to 4. At this time, you can lie and advance a different number than the dice roll. If the dice roll is blank, you must lie.

3. If the opponent thinks that the number you have chosen is different from the dice roll, press the dough button.

4. If the dough is successful (if the number you choose is different from the dice roll), you will explode and lose one piece. The player who did the dough advances by the number you choose.

5. If the dough fails (if the number chosen is the same as the dice roll), the player who fails the dout explodes and loses one piece.

6. If you fall off the bridge or a piece reaches the goal, the game will continue if there are remaining pieces and either player does not meet the following victory conditions.If you advance 7 or 9 squares and reach the goal, points will be awarded and you will move a new piece from the next turn. The points given will increase like 1 point if you reach the first goal and 2 points if you reach the second goal.* If either of the sesame seeds is 0 and neither player has scored 3 frames at the time of success or failure of the dough, the remaining players will be considered to have scored even if they have not advanced 9 squares, and points will be awarded.

Victory conditions

  1. 3 pieces goal first
  2. High points
  3. If the points are the same, there are many remaining pieces

■ 3 modes

・ Online battleThis mode randomly matches players from all over the world.The battle record remains like ○ battle ○ win ○ defeat.
・ Friends matchEnter the secret word and match online.Match with players with the same secret.Wins and losses are counted, but not in the battle record.* There is a possibility of matching with people who do not know the same secret word at all.
·practiceIt is a match against the CPU.Wins and losses are not counted and no battle record remains.If you are new to this, we recommend playing from practice mode.

■ About disconnectionWe apologize for the inconvenience, but please note that this app is designed to disconnect when you move to the background.(The opponent will be forced to interrupt the game.)Please note that this is to maintain the integrity of the game. (I had no choice but to do this …)

■ About delivery etc.This application does not impose any restrictions on the distribution of live videos on video distribution services such as youtube, reviews on review sites, and diffusion on SNS.Please use it freely without permission. Rather, please use.

■ Materials that were taken care ofThanks to the wonderful free material, we were able to complete this app.I can’t sleep with my feet on them.Demon soulPANICPUMPKINSound effect labPipoya WarehouseFC sound factory